Job vs. Work

September 23, 2013

My job these days is to harvest the unbelievable amount of produce still coming in everyday and advertising for the Harvest Party that is getting closer everyday. For the most part I enjoy my job. I love being able to interact with people as I try to get donations for watermelon. I enjoy Bringing vegetables to Victory Acres, St. Martin's, and the Community Gardens farmer's market. Going out to the garden everyday to see the growth that is occurring being a part of it is refreshing.

 More often though I lose sight of what I am doing and who I am doing it for because I myself get in the way. I get frustrated when all manner of biting insects want to drink my blood and invade my eyes as I get rid of rotten tomatoes. I think of ways to avoid picking up all of the apples that have fallen that now house hundreds of bees. I also take credit for the produce and the growth when God has made it happen despite that I am here.

I am quick to forget that I did not and still do not know much about growing a garden or managing people. I have been blessed with great interns and a teacher in Grace Miller who have all been more then patient. God has given us a great summer that got enough rain and was not to hot that our crops could do as well as they have. My job here at alliance garden might be intern manager but my work is and always needs to be bringing glory to God and loving his creation. If you get the chance feel free to keep me accountable in this.

On Thursday Kayla Johnson from LLC, Kayley Necessary from CCA, Chris Young from Prasco, and I are headed to a conference called Summoned Towards Wholeness. 


at Duke Divinity school to learn about Christian stewardship in many different ways. I am super excited and I would love for your prayers to be that the Holy Spirit can move in us and make this trip the best it can be.

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