Week 4: Transplants and Testimonies.

One of the best parts about being a manager is getting to know those that you work with. I sat down with all of the interns and my assistant manager to share how happy I am to have them on this team this year and how we can continue to improve. I did not do this last year and if I could do that year over again I would definitely have implemented this. I got to hear how they are feeling about the internship, what works and what doesn't, and how I can pray for them.This is a great way for me to better my leadership because I have blind spots. What might not be an issue for me could really be an issue for someone else. Also since this is year two for me and I have experience I might neglect to make things clear for those that are just learning. My favorite part however, was hearing the testimonies of these guys. I knew I had some strong Christian men and women but hearing each of their stories, the triumphs and struggles, and where they are going with their faith really invigorated me. I felt the Spirit rooting as I heard them sharing.

This week we focused on making 38th a fuller garden. We have added drip line and a herb section. The herbs came from seed and transplants from 46th. Since herbs last more then a year, they need to be cut back so they do not overcrowd and we can start them in other areas. We are also experimenting with placing worm compost next to the plants instead of on top of them. The idea is that the roots will grow towards this nutrient rich soil and the plant will not have to force its way through more soil. We transplanted the cucumbers and squash we had started at Tucker into our garden. We have also had tomato, pepper, pumpkin, raspberry, and flower starts donated from neighbors and faculty at IWU. It is pretty awesome to get gifts like this and we are so thankful for the help. Our beans and melons have started to germinate this week and our swiss chard and lettuce continue to grow healthily. Our strawberries are bearing tons of fruit but as of now only a few are ready to eat and they are still a bit bitter for my taste. Weeds are beginning to cause us issues at 46th as a rain in the middle of the week made them come out like crazy. 38th is still looking really good so hopefully we can have the same luck as last year of very few weeds. May has been a great month. Hopefully June will build on this strong foundation! Zach Arington Garden Manager

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