Week 19: 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you are making progress but not as much as you would have liked due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances? This week would fit under that category. We are getting an abundance of produce right now and that has been awesome. We are making money, people are signing up for our Sustainability Alliance, we are helping people get nutritious food at low or no cost. Things are going well. But at the same time our hose got run over by the mowers so our irrigation system is done for the year. Our wonderful cleome (spider flower) split because it is too heavy and crushed surrounding plants. It rained all day so I couldn't get out in the garden to harvest. Squash bugs are and will always be alive and ruining squash.

In just about all of this I could do little to change the outcome. Not only with the outcomes I wish went differently but also with the ones that were in my favor. I put the seed in the ground and made sure that it got enough water, added nutrients to the soil, and kept pests and weeds at bay. I did not get all of them nor could I no matter how vigilant I was. It has been super cool this summer which does not help most our our summer crops to grow and I can't change that.

No one told me that my hose would be cut up this week. I would have put more signs up that say "DON'T RUN OVER THE HOSE!" The hose has not moved any all summer so it could have happened at anytime. It helps to be prepared which I am constantly learning that I need to do better. However, worrying and fretting that something might happen is by no means a healthy way to do anything.

God is in control and I am not. He has a plan and I am in it but the plan will work out perfectly whether or not I succeed or fail. Those are truths that I can find rest in even when it feels like things are not going according to plan.

Notes: Watch the video of the Harvest Party from last year to get psyched about the one we are having this year. September 27 from 11-5. Our Facebook page is now the Sustainability Alliance as it now includes the Creation Care Alliance and the Living Learning Community house.

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