Fruits and Things

Well, kids these days are telling me that it is now OFFICIALLY summer, and I say the tan lines (truthfully sunburn lines) on my back are there to confirm that.

Life around the garden still consists of quite a bit of mulching and weeding and tilling, but the fruit of our labor is beginning to come forth. In the form of strawberries to be exact. These early bearing plants locals call “June-bearing” have been a delightful snack in the midst of a sunny work day. There’s something really thrilling about parting the leaves to find a little red gem and popping it into your mouth. We are planning for all sorts of creative treats with the multitude of berries to come, including delicious jams and jellies.

It is so exciting to see all the baby fruits start to grow! Our cherry tree has little green cherries just beginning to blush, and the apples are about the size of a ping pong ball. As we look forward to harvest, we are preparing this year to conquer the MYSTERY OF THE PEAR TREE….

As you walk through our yard, you will notice a beautiful pear tree, which does, in fact, produce pears. How do they taste, you may ask. Well, we wouldn’t know. Legend has it that every year, garden workers anxiously anticipate the ripening of these pears. Every day they get closer and closer to picking, and like clockwork, on the day of harvest, Alliance House workers show up to find EVERY PEAR GONE.

Is it a massive squirrel, one may ask. A stealthy student with impeccable timing? Well, we’ve planned a stake out around the tree for the days leading up to harvest, so stay tuned to discover the culprit.

-- Lex

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