Know Your Farmers!


Kaley is the Alliance Gardens manager and IWU Sustainability Coordinator. Her tool-of-choice in the garden is the hand fork. Hailing from Bloomington, IL, Kaley graduated from IWU in 2014 with a BS in Biology/Premed and International Community Development. After developing an interest for sustainable agriculture in college, Kaley furthered her knowledge of farming by working for a non-profit training farm as a School Garden Coordinator in Waco, Texas. At World Hunger Relief, Inc., she learned the foundations for sustainable agriculture and wholistic development. Kaley is passionate about sharing the joy of growing food with others and is eager to educate her community about where food comes from. She loves vegetables and is honored to have the privilege of growing them in the Alliance Gardens!


John recently graduated with a degree in Christian Ministries and will be returning to IWU in the fall to pursue a Masters of Practical Theology. When in the garden, his tool of choice is orange twine because it makes everything square and even. He chose to participate in the Alliance Garden this summer because he enjoys stewarding nature and putting in the hard work to obtain food. He is passionate about restoring relationships between God, humanity and the created order.


Hello! I am a senior International and Community Development major. My garden tool of choice is the hoe. I wanted to be an AG intern to learn how to grow food in order to impact and connect with my community. Regardless of race, class, or gender, everyone should have the same access to food that nourishes and sustains. Jesus has been teaching me about sustainable followship--how we daily and eternally reap what he sowed on the cross. Farming cultivates gratitude and I'm proud to be a farmher!!


Sophie is going into her senior year at IWU. In the past 8 years, she has worked at a small farm as well as at a small plant nursery in her hometown. She is studying photography, but has always dreamed of having her own greenhouse or CSA. While taking Dr. Miller's Crops and Society course this past spring, Sophie went on a trip to ECHO Global; an organization dedicated to researching and teaching tropical agriculture techniques around the world. As a result of this class and trip, Sophie began to recognize that Christ not only came to restore his relationship with humanity, and humanity's relationships with each other, but also to restore humanity's relationship with the garden that we were created to care for. Sophie decided to be a part of this years Alliance Garden team in order to learn practical steps of sustainable and holistic living. Her garden tool of choice is her bare hands, because they are the best at pulling weeds always.


Tyler graduated this spring with a degree in Pre-Medicine and Biology. He was interested in being an intern to learn the basics of gardening and how food production and access relates to health outcomes. One day, he hope to take a holistic approach to the practice of medicine incorporating things like diet and nutrition into his treatment of patients. He also really enjoys fruits and vegetables, so a job that gave him ample opportunities to consume them was appealing. His favorite garden tool is the Stirrup Hoe -- because he likes to stir things up and he likes...neat garden beds.


Hope is setting out on her Junior year of nursing school. She decided to work for the Alliance Gardens because She wanted to learn how to live sustainability and how to grow her own food. She does this in order that she may honor God and teach others the knowledge she gains from this internship.

Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself at one of our garden sites, or visit us at the Marion Open Air Market every Saturday from 9am to 2pm! We'd love to garden with you, share our veggies with you, or just hang out!

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